walidah (badsis) wrote,

Good Sista/Bad Sista Pilot KBOO Radio Show

Good Sista/ Bad Sista Radio pilot show on KBOO
Fri. 8/14: 8am-9am

Have you ever wondered what it might be like if Good Sista/ Bad Sista had their own talk radio show?!

Well the two of us have wondered too! And this week will be our pilot hour for what we are considering as a twice a month endeavor. Show your love and support by tuning in!
We will even be taking phone calls.

Good Sist a/ Bad Sista: Talking Mess
Pilot Episode- Friday August 14th: 8am-9am
KBOO FM 90.7 Portland, OR

For our first installment we will be talking about our so-called "Post-Race America."
With recent events like Henry Louis Gates being arrested at his own home and hip-hop's Lil' Wayne recording a song called "Whip it like a Slave," are we really post race?"
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